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Cycling Jerseys

What makes a good cycling jersey? Is it the colour, is it the material? Well, here at Pandion Cycling we have whatever you think makes the best cycling jerseys. We have it all from high wicking materials to fashionable colours. All our cycling jerseys are sold at unbeatable prices and whether you’re a weekend warrior, a weekday commuter, a roadie or a leisure cruiser we have the correct cycling jersey for you, all from the top brands in cycling, including Primal, Tenn Outdoors and Lusso.


We offer a range of jerseys such as short sleeve and long sleeve cycling jerseys. Our short sleeve cycling jerseys all have rear pockets so you can carry all the essentials that you need to. The sleeves on these jerseys reach down to the middle to upper arm, with a close fitting shape and a zip to complete the look. The style of a jersey hasn’t changed much over the years but the fabrics have. There is now wicking fabrics that transport moisture away from the body. The wicking fabric moves the moisture up through the layers of the garment to the final layer where it is then evaporated leaving you dry and your body temperature regulated.


Long sleeves cycling jerseys are usually best for winter and autumn and we also offer heavier fabrics for winter. Keeping you very warm as well as dry, with the high wicking materials. All the jerseys come down to the wrist. Featuring a close fitting shape meaning you are s aerodynamic as possible. 


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