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High5 is a company run by athletes. They live and breath the sport and from personal experience, they know just how important sports and cycling nutrition can be. High5 combine the latest in sports science and the use of natural flavors to create the best possible product possible. The high5 brand has been widely tested on the pro circuit with the top professionals, this ensures that you know that the products truly work and have an impact on your performance. 

Having a high5 product in your pocket will ensure you are confident and ready for any eventuality. Having on average 38g of carbohydrate per product, you will be sure that you are topped up and ready to train or race your heart out. 

High5 pack the latest trends in science to ensure all their products are up to date and will keep you training and racing at your best. You can be sure we are offering the best price as we price match regularly to make sure we are the most competitive. Shop today and going the High5 gang.